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home exteriorsSiding, Eavestroughs, Soffit, and Fascia are home exteriors that, more than likely, you do one, you're doing it all.

For those of you who don't fully know the difference, here are the definitions:


Siding, sometimes known as wall cladding, is the protective material covering the exterior side of a wall of a house or other building. Siding, in addition to the roof, is the first line of defense against the elements, such as sun, rain, snow, heat and cold. Siding can be natural or artificial. Some examples include: wood siding, stone, masonry, composite, vinyl, and a few others.


Eavestroughs, also known as rain gutters or simply gutters, are what carry water that runs down your roof away from your foundation. If it weren't for eavestroughs, water would seep into the foundation from every part of the house.


The soffit is what is underneath, as in below not behind, the fascia. When are next to a house wall and look up, the horizontal, holey material that you see is the soffit.

The holes in the soffit are for ventilation to allow airflow into the roof area. Without proper ventilation, condensation could form in the roof void and further along timber decay.


Can also go by the term 'roofline', the fascia is where the roof meets the outer wall. The fascia board runs along the lower edge of the roof.

The function of the fascia is twofold:

  • It support the lower edge of the bottom row of shingles/tiles
  • It supports all the guttering, or eavestroughs

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